Sports Betting Companies offer sign on fees or bonuses for first time registration. But these are not the only freebies offered by these bookies. They also have different promotions for different sports. But today, we are only going to concern ourselves with the promotions relating to football.

For football tournaments and other major soccer competitions, betting sites usually create a price structure where bettors can win goodies from cash prizes to attending the final of a competition. The promotions offered by these companies vary from brand to brand but the generally applied promos will be discussed below:

  • Enhanced Odds

The enhanced odds promotion is when a bookie artificially inflates the normal betting odds of a selection. Example, Liverpool to beat Crystal Palace at odds 1/5. If you put $5 dollars on that selection, and the outcome was favourable, you’d have $6 with a profit of $1.

What bookmakers do is to take these short odds and inflate them so what you get with the above selection becomes Liverpool to beat Crystal Palace at odds 1/10. These promotions are often “Greek Gifts” because although quite real, what the bookmaker wants is to get you to sign up and preferably place your bets through them in the long-term.

So they dangle the carrot at you and watch you gobble it up. Also, these promos may only be available to new customers and will usually have a ceiling limit like $3 so they don’t take in huge losses. Other methods used is to pay your winnings in the form of free placed bets.

  • Accumulator Insurance

Also known as Acca Insurance, this is for punters who bet the accumulators and it’s a gamblers favourite. What this means is; if one of your selections let you down, you are guaranteed all or a part of your stake back. The keyword here is one. If it’s more than one team, you don’t get anything back.

Nonetheless, these days, with the cutthroat competition, bookmakers are trying to outdo the other. We have bookmakers who offer Acca Insurance for more than one selection and sometimes even three.

  • Money Back

A money back offer is one in which a bookmaker offers your money back when you lose a bet or sequence of events occurs that is part of a promotional offer. But you don’t get your money back as cash. It’s always given to you as a free bet. This promotion is regularly seen in football betting but can be found in other sports betting events.

  • Free Bets

Sometimes a bookie may offer you a free bet when you stake a particular amount. The free bet is usually given after the conclusion of the events in your selection. The bet is often given when the just concluded bet was loses. Sometimes these bets are given as a reward to bettors for their loyalty.

  • Existing Customer

Just like free bets, these bets are for players who have played with a bookmaker for a long period of time.