The tips we are going to discuss will surely shock any sports betting enthusiast who might be reading this article. While most of us are under the impression that anyone betting for the long term is always under profit, and it is only made as a long term hobby, this isn’t true. You will not be surprised to know that bookmaker always has an advantage over players. What if you know certain tricks through which this advantage could be reversed?

Have you ever heard of a term called advantage player? It is a term used to define players who place a bet on the bets which are always in their favour and thus mostly win. Even though the bet maker has an advantage of 4.55% on a straight bet, an advantage player can find the bets where bookmaker’s advantage is in negative, to maximize their chance of winning the bet.

Understanding EV

Excepted value is a term used by professional gamblers regularly. It can also be called high or low odds offered in a particular bet to the less favourite side so that people place bet on them as well, expecting higher returns. Every wager made on sports has either a negative expected value or a positive expected value or in very rare cases a neutral expected value. Winning sports bet for a player means avoiding negative expected value bet and finding the positive value bets. Finding positive expected value bets

The reason that most players don’t bother to learn the trick of expected value when betting in sports is that it’s a slightly time-consuming process. Even if some bother to learn it, it’s not fun for them. If you are looking for fun, there are many activities which can be pursued, if you are serious about making money through positively expect value bets, be prepared to learn some serious calculations and probabilities.

Teaser betting Strategy: This is the simplest method a better can use to find the right betting odds with a positive expected value.

By placing bets using this trick, a player can increase their chances of winning the bets. Teasers relies on the current betting lines. It eliminated the deep digging into whether a straight bet has a positive expected value. You need to find the teasers which increase the win rate by enough so that you have the positive expected value.

Prop Betting Strategy: Prop betting strategy is considered the most comfortable wagering opportunity for any player. With the knowledge on prop bet, you will be able to find positive expected value on a specific prop. With experience, you will be able to solve different complex prop bets on your own.

Some Practical tips to become the king of the game

Tip 1: Stick regularly to learn about the sports betting deal. If you want to play like a pro, you must study each bet and its odds. With experience, your bet will become smart. You will be able to analyse the situation in a better manner with changed conditions. You will be able to calculate definite otherwise deformed to a problem between winning and losing money.

Tip 2: Most people always bet on their favourite team. Know when you have the right day to bet on the underdog and make that day worthwhile with less risk.

Tip 3: If you see that line has been pushed out, you have the chance of getting the same bet by paying as low as possible. So, take advantage of the opportunity and see how the balance will payout at the end of the day.

Tip 4: Each game follows a different set of theories and beliefs when it comes to betting on diverse games. Understanding the key concept of the game you are going to deal with is necessary.

Tip 5: Use only a few single slips and deal in cash. It is not profitable if you only deal in multi slips, but it also becomes a safety net in one line of loss. There is a chance for you to win money on the other line of the bet.

Tip 6: If you have enough money, then you can drive less heap of events but to bet more. But at the time of major sports events, it is a safer way to gamble.